Benefits of Leasing

Porsche Financial Services is a flexible and powerful choice that opens up your options - now and in the future.

Leasing through Porsche Financial Services:

  • Includes eligibility into long-term loyalty programs, such as End of Term programs
  • Monthly payments are typically lower than comparable retail finance payments
  • Eliminates the uncertainty of resale value due to economic and other outside factors
  • Provides flexible terms and mileage options to meet the needs of your lifestyle

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Benefits of Retail Financing

Retail financing a Porsche vehicle is a direct pathway to ownership, allowing you to focus on the driving experience.

Benefits of retail financing through Porsche Financial Services:

  • Often means no initial up-front cash payment is required, and many costs can be included in your retail installment contract
  • No mileage limitations can mean more time spent driving and enjoying your vehicle
  • Flexible terms spread vehicle cost over a time period that best suits your requirements
  • After payments are completed, you are in control of your vehicle's future - keep it, sell it, or do whatever you choose

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Incentive Programs

Once you are established in Porsche heritage, other driving experiences simply do not compare. Thankfully, through Porsche Financial Services’ Incentive Programs, driving the latest innovations is simple.

Lease Incentive Program

Lease Loyalty Waiver Program1

Returning Customers

As a valued member of the Porsche Financial Services family, we feel it is important to reward your loyalty to us through our Lease Loyalty Waiver program.

  1. You are a current Porsche Financial Services lease customer looking to lease or retail finance your next Porsche vehicle through Porsche Financial Services.
  2. We will waive the disposition fee and up to $1,000 of excess wear on your existing Porsche Financial Services leased vehicle.
  3. Returning Porsche Financial Services customers may also be eligible for the End of Term Lease Loyalty Program as an additional loyalty reward.

End of Term Loyalty Program2

Returning Customers

Since you're a returning Porsche Financial Services customer, we understand that you're loyal to us - and we're happy to return the sentiment. The End of Term Lease Loyalty Program puts innovation close at hand.

  1. You are a current Porsche Financial Services lease customer who is ready to upgrade, switching out to a new model you've had your eyes on.
  2. Porsche Financial Services may waive up to 12 remaining payments of your current Porsche Financial Services lease when you lease or retail finance your new Porsche vehicle with Porsche Financial Services.
  3. Drive off in your new model, fitted with the latest technology, for a term that fits your budget and lifestyle.

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