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Used Porsche 911 Inventory at Porsche Austin

Shop quality used Porsche 911s today at Porsche Austin. Explore our vast inventory of timeless Porsche 911 models from a variety of years and available in a range of trim options. Get more for your money and secure a used Porsche 911 at a competitive price. Whether you’re looking for a late 90s Porsche 911 Targa, a less than 5-years old Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, or something else; our team is sure to be able to find the perfect used Porsche 911 for you! Keep reading to discover what sets Porsche Austin apart from the competition and explore the latest specials for used luxury Porsche 911s.

Why Shop Used Porsche 911s?

The Porsche 911 holds up extremely well and is often regarded as having the fewest problems among luxury and standard vehicles alike. Because of this, the Porsche 911 has one of the lowest depreciation rates within the first five years. The 911 Coupe specifically lost only 37.2% of its value, or about $53,595. In addition to low depreciation rates, the Porsche 911 is a well-loved and sought-after car that ensures that no matter the year, there will be an alive and well pre-owned market. Another benefit of a Porsche 911 is its timeless style. With other sports cars, trends may come and go causing the demand and appreciation of a vehicle to fluctuate or even nosedive. Whereas the Porsche 911 has a timeless, beloved style that has held attention and fascination for over 50 years.

Benefits of Shopping Pre-Owned

Whether you have your sights set on a new or pre-owned Porsche 911, making a savvy investment will undoubtedly appeal to your sensibilities. When you shop Porsche certified pre-owned, you can enjoy the benefits of driving a like-new model with the advantages of saving on a used model. Along with the exclusive perks that come with the Porsche-certified pre-owned program, shopping used will allow you to:

  • Avoid major depreciation: Since most new cars lose value rapidly during their first few years on the road, opting for a pre-owned model will help your investment go further. Your investment will depreciate slower due to already having lost a majority of its value within its five years. New vehicles already start at a premium which loses up to 30% of their value within the first year alone.
  • Lower Sales Tax: It’s common knowledge that the higher the cost of your vehicle, the more you can expect to pay in sales tax. When it comes to buying luxury vehicles, it can be especially important to consider that most states have a straight percentage on auto sales. For example, if you pay $10,000 for your vehicle and have a 6% sales tax in your state, that’s an extra $600 in-state sales tax.
  • Lower Insurance: Used vehicles are typically easier and less costly to fix, which could end up helping lower your insurance rate since they have more options and aren’t restricted by the demands of a new car’s warranty.
  • Explore endless options: With such a great variety of models available in the CPO market, you can secure the keys to the model of your dreams for far less. You may even be able to find models that are no longer in production or even be able to afford a specific vehicle that would be otherwise out of your budget if it were fresh off the lot.
  • Customize: Because you are saving money by buying pre-owned, your bottom line could have more wiggle room when you shop. You can accessorize your ride to match the look, feel, and performance you crave. Additionally, when it comes to finding and adding an addition or customization to used vehicles, the marketplace may be larger than if it were brand new due to the time passing and the total quantity of that specific vehicle on the market.

Stop By Porsche Austin for a Test Drive Today

Discover all of the benefits buying a quality used luxury Porsche 911 has to offer with the help of the sales and finance experts at Porsche Austin. The Porsche standards of excellence are seen throughout our used car buying process, from our used car selection, offers, and online car buying options.

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