Premium vs. Regular Gas

2019 Porsche Macan Turbo on a parking garage

Your Porsche has been carefully engineered to offer incredible performance every time you get behind the wheel. So when you’re fueling up in Round Rock, it’s important to know what kind of gas to use in your Porsche. If you’re asking if there’s a difference between premium and regular gas, you probably won’t be surprised to know that there is! Every Porsche model from the Porsche Macan to the Porsche 911 requires premium gas every time you fill up. But what’s the exact difference between premium vs. regular gas? Porsche Austin will help explain the difference between premium and regular gas, and why your Porsche needs it below.

The Difference Between Premium and Regular Gas

All types of gasoline are made from crude oil that’s been highly refined. And while both premium and regular gas started as crude oil, they are still distinctly different. The difference between premium vs. regular gas is their octane rating. But what is an octane rating? A fuel’s octane rating is the measure of how much compression the fuel needs to ignite. The lower the octane rating, the lower the pressure needed to ignite the fuel.

What is Premium Gasoline?

Premium gasoline has a higher octane rating, meaning it can handle high-performance engines with higher compression ratios. Premium fuel usually carries an octane rating between 91-94 octane, while mid-grade gas is 88-90 octane. Higher-performance engines require a higher octane gas to accommodate the high compression provided by turbochargers, as well as high-compression naturally-aspirated engines.

What is Regular Gasoline?

Regular gas usually has an octane rating of around 87. Lower octane ratings mean that regular gas ignites under lower pressure conditions than premium or mid-grade gas. That means that regular comes with the risk of pre-ignition when used in high-performance engines. That means if your engine is turbocharged, supercharged, or uses high-compression, then you should avoid regular gas at all costs. If you do use regular gas by mistake, your engine could accrue damage on normal drives through Lakeway and Bee Cave.

What Kind of Gas Does Porsche Use?

Because of their high-performance, high-compression engines and use of turbochargers, every Porsche model requires premium gasoline. If you use lower octane gasoline in your Porsche, it’s possible that the fuel could ignite before intended, possibly causing damage. While premium gasoline can be as much as 20 to 40 cents per gallon more expensive than regular gas, it’s a small price to pay for reliable performance.

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