How to Keep an Unused Car Healthy

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If you expect not to be driving for a while, special care for your car is essential while it spends time in your Lakeway garage. Your battery, brakes, tires, and fuel can all degrade or develop damage if your car sits idle for too long. Plus, idle periods may negatively impact your car’s resale value. In the guide below, we’ll look at the ways idleness affects your Porsche vehicle, and how to keep an unused car healthy while it spends time in storage.

Will the Battery Die if You Don’t Drive Your Car?

If you’re concerned about how to keep an unused car healthy, your first concern is likely the battery — and whether its power will drain away as your car sits idle for a prolonged period. While it’s true that high-tech features with multiple computers will drain your car battery in just a few weeks, the exact answer depends on how long is too long for your battery. Factors like battery age and maintenance history also affect how long it will last while your car is idle. How can you avoid a dead battery? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Start up your car once a week, and keep it running for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • If your Porsche vehicle is in a garage, open the garage door or back your car into the driveway for some ventilation.
  • Try a battery tender. This device plugs into the household outlet in your garage, and will keep your battery at the proper voltage. Be sure to connect your battery to the battery tender before taking your car out on the road again in Round Rock.

Brake Maintenance While Your Car is Idle

It may come as a surprise, but your Porsche vehicle’s brakes may also suffer from disuse. Brake rotors are liable to rust, so auto experts recommend taking your car for a short drive once or twice a week to clear away films of rust buildup. Remember to check your battery voltage level before heading out for a drive in Bee Cave. If your car is parked with the parking brake engaged, setting and releasing the tension as often as possible will help keep your unused car healthy.

Keeping Tabs on Tire Pressure

Tires lose air over time naturally even if there are no leaks. Improper air pressure can negatively impact tire longevity, so we suggest checking and restoring proper tire pressure on a regular basis. If you expect you won’t be driving for some time, it’s best to overfill your tires by 5 to 10 psi. This will help them resist forming flat spots from sitting in one place.

Does Gas Degrade Over Time?

Even though your Porsche vehicle’s fuel system is designed to seal your fuel away from oxygen, humidity, and heat, some amount of exposure may still occur. What can you do to minimize gas degradation? First, keep your tank full to minimize oxygen exposure and tank condensation. You can also try adding a fuel stabilizer solution to your gas tank. You can find a solution that’s safe for your vehicle at the Porsche Austin online parts center. Also be sure to learn the difference between regular gas vs. premium gas.

Rely on Porsche Austin for Your At-Home Auto Care Needs

Still have questions about maintaining your Porsche vehicle at home in Austin? Our trained technicians are here to help out with essential car care like tire rotation and auto fluid leaks. You can also contact us to speak with a certified Porsche technician over the phone and explore our service specials online! Also be sure to stick to your recommended maintenance schedule and learn how to check your oil!