How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Adding oil to engine


As a proud Porsche owner, automotive performance is near and dear to your heart. Keeping up with routine maintenance is a great way to ensure that your powerful ride continues to churn out head-turning Bee Cave drives. One important maintenance task to keep in mind no matter what type of vehicle you own is changing your oil. But how often should you change your oil? In general, most experts recommend an oil change frequency of once every 7,500 to 10,000 miles.

While this oil change frequency may be different than what you heard growing up, there’s a number of reasons why this new rule of thumb was established. Modern automotive design, innovations in service technology, and advancements in oil enable drivers to travel farther than ever before in between oil changes. Read on below to get the answer to your question, “How often should you change your oil?” once and for all!

Recommended Oil Change Frequency

Some vehicles require more frequent oil changes than others, but taking your car in for an oil swap once every 7,500 to 10,000 miles is a good rule. However, if your Round Rock travels routinely include the following, you’ll want to visit us near Lakeway for more regular oil changes:

  • Off-roading
  • Commercial use
  • Racing
  • Heavy towing

Oil Change Frequency Information

Looking to take on car care in your own Austin garage? Our service pros offer a wide range of tips and tricks to help:

  • Read through your owner’s manual to see if your vehicle requires synthetic or conventional oil. Most high-end models need synthetic oil since it’s built for high-performance!
  • Oil will break down, even when your car isn’t being driven regularly. That means you should bring your weekend cruiser in for an oil change at least once a year, regardless of how many miles you rack up.
  • Make sure you swap your oil filter if you’re handling your own oil change. Our parts team will help you get the right components.

How Often Should You Check Your Oil Level?

To prevent any unforeseen issues, it’s wise to check your oil once a month. Changes to the color or texture of your oil can be indicative of major problems. If you notice any changes, book a service appointment with us at Porsche Austin!

Rely on Porsche Austin for Complete Auto Care

Now that you’re aware of the proper oil change frequency, check in with our service experts when you’re due for fresh oil. If you’re ready for an appointment or you’re unsure if you need an oil change, contact us for service or consultation. 

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