Porsche Austin Delivery Experience

Celebrate Delivery of Your New Porsche with a test drive at Circuit of the Americas– North America’s premiere road racing track. 

Race Car

Drive your new Porsche the way it’s meant to be driven- on a world class racing track. See what a Porsche is really capable of and enjoy an exclusive one-on-one, two-part session with your own personal Product Specialist/Pro-Driving Instructor. 

Your personal on-track delivery includes:

» Pre-track vehicle inspection at Porsche Austin (must be performed prior to event date).

» Porsche Austin track delivery welcome presentation.

» One-on-one vehicle orientation session with your personal Product Specialist/Driving Instructor.

» 60-minute driving session at CoTA’s Grand Prix circuit with your right-seat Product Specialist/Driving  Instructor.

» Pit lane gala cocktail/dinner after the event.


$2,000.00 Registration fee

To book your Porsche Austin track delivery, please contact Porsche Austin at: 

512-371-1155 or delivery@porscheaustin.com

or contact Eli Mendoza at:

512-483-7919 or eli@porscheaustin.com 

Porsche Austin Delivery Experience

Registration 4:00 PM

Vehicle Orientation 5:00 PM

Hot Track 6:00 PM

Gala Event 7:00 PM

Please note, if you cannot attend this event, the Porsche Delivery Experience is available within 6 months of your new Porsche purchase.