Journalists Critique New Porsche Cayenne

August 15th, 2018 by

Following an aggrandized world premiere of the 2019 Porsche Cayenne in Zuffenhausen, Porsche invited a select group of journalists from across the globe to test drive the fully redeveloped third generation of the Cayenne.


The Cayenne has become one of Porsche’s most successful models. Porsche’s concept for an SUV has proved to be a bestseller. Since the Cayenne’s market launch in 2002, Porsche has delivered more than 770,000 Cayenne units. Not bad for a manufacturer with a long history of building sports cars.

The third generation of this SUV has upped the ante even more. The 2019 Porsche Cayenne has been re-engineered to align even more with the principles of Porsche sports cars. With a lightweight construction, high-performance drives, exceptional driving dynamics and smart driver assistance programs; the Cayenne really is the 911 of SUVs.
The international press launch taking place in Crete offered journalists the opportunity to test out the basic, S and tubro variants of the Cayenne. The Greek island of Crete was the perfect setting for this event thanks to its mountainous terrain.

Journalists got to explore winding roads and several off-road routes to investigate the full potential of the Cayenne model range. For many of them, this press launch was one for the books. Here are their first-hand reviews of the new Porsche Cayenne:

“The first thing you notice is what a refined, relaxing car it is to cover large distances in. Most of the time the V8 is little more than a deep murmur, effortlessly dragging the Cayenne forwards, while the interior is a really nice place to be. But what’s most apparent is the abilities of the PDCC roll bars to slacken off when the car is cruising in a straight line, removing the sort of head toss that could blight a stiffly sprung high performance SUV over uneven road surfaces.”
– Adam Towler,

“This is still a two-tonne SUV, yet it surges forward with what feels like as much force as a 911 GTS. If you use the Sport Plus mode’s launch control, your Cayenne Turbo can accelerate from a standstill to 62mph in just 3.9 seconds – quicker than an Audi RS3 that’s half the size. The V8’s boomy roar will slap a smile on your face, too, and since peak power is only 800rpm away from the red line, it’s addictive to hold the gear you’re in and use the full breadth of the biturbo’d vee’s abilities. It’s a hugely capable and flexible thing.”
– Jake Groves, Car Magazine

“Not only has the Cayenne reasserted its position as the driver’s choice in the SUV segment with this latest version (albeit with the right options ticked), it’s also more practical and more luxurious – noticeably so, in the latter case – than ever before.”

“It is more capable than it needs to be, both on the road and, somewhat surprisingly, off it. In a crowded premium SUV market, that competence doesn’t quite breed contempt within Porsche, but it’s now quite content for the Cayenne to become an ever more familiar sight on our roads.”
– Shane O’Donoghue, Telegraph UK

“Porsche describes the new Cayenne as its ‘sports car for five’, and corny as it sounds, it’s alarmingly accurate. While the Cayenne has always offered enormous performance, the new car possesses a more attractive and modern interior, significantly improved refinement and even more agility on the road. It’s not a cheap car to buy or run, and won’t be to all tastes, but there’s no denying it’s all-round ability.”
– Adam Towler, Auto Express

“While the S and Turbo, in different ways, lift the averages for greatness amongst large, luxo-dipped, performance SUVs, new Cayenne remains evolution rather than revolution. But like its stablemate sportscars, the progress gained is an ever-increasingly high watermark.”
– Curt Dupriez, Car Advice

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