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Financing vs Leasing

When it comes to upgrading your automotive experience, both buying and leasing offer tremendous benefits. Since both have their own perks, it’s hard to say that one is superior – just that they suit different drivers. If you’re not sure whether you’d prefer to buy or lease your new Porsche, we can help you there.

Our car finance team at Porsche Austin will thoroughly explain the differences to you, and recommend the option that makes the most sense for your lifestyle and budget. What’s more, we have experience as a car dealership that finances bad credit, so we’re prepared to work with any driver. Take a closer look at the perks of buying vs. leasing below!

Porsche Finance 

Financing through Porsche Financial Services means no mileage limitations on your vehicle, may include no up-front cash payment requirement, and keeps you in control of your vehicle’s future once payments are finished.

When you are looking at our Porsche financial services, payments are easy to calculate with our online payment calculator. Use this Porsche lease calculator to find a payment that fits your budget, then apply for financing online with our easy and secure application. 

Finance Benefits

  • Total Ownership: Of course, many drivers in Lakeway and Bee Cave want full reign over their customizations and upgrades. Our genuine OEM parts center is at your disposal at a moment’s notice for when you want to upgrade.
  • No Mileage Restrictions: If you do a lot of driving in and around the Round Rock area, buying may be the better option since you won’t have mileage limits.
  • Ability to Sell: Owning your vehicle means you can cash in on your investment at any time.
  • Financing Options: Buying a car is typically more straightforward than leasing and thus is also more likely to be flexible, depending on your financial situation.

Finance Disadvantages

  • Higher Monthly Payments: Unlike with a lease, monthly payments tend to be higher since you are paying off the overall value of your car plus interest. 
  • Higher Down Payment: Depending on your credit and the cost of your selected vehicle, financing generally requires a higher down payment.
  • Higher Repair Costs: Warranties only last for so long and don’t cover everything, unlike leases which only run for the duration of most warranties.
  • Vehicle Depreciation: The moment you purchase your vehicle, it’s value will fall.

Porsche Lease
Leasing through Porsche Financial Services provides flexible terms and mileage options to meet your needs. Monthly lease payments are typically lower than retail finance payments when compared over the same term, and lease customers may become eligible for attractive loyalty programs.

Lease-end Protection is also available to enable you to enjoy your vehicle to the fullest until it’s time to return it. Porsche Lease-end Protection makes your lease-end hand-off smooth and simple. And after your lease is done, you can choose to: start a new lease, re-lease your current lease, purchase your current lease, or return your lease hassle-free.

Lease Benefits

  • Lower Payments: When you compare Porsche financing vs. leasing, finding a lease option that suits your budget is much more likely. That’s because they usually come with lower expected monthly and down payments.
  • Lower Sales Tax: Leasing lowers sales tax drastically in most cases.
  • Trade-Ins: Taking home the latest features and technology is way easier when you lease. Simply visit Porsche Austin to pay off any of the remaining fees, then choose your next vehicle!
  • Great Coverage: Warranty coverage and maintenance is easy! If any issues fall under your warranty, and you don’t exceed your mileage limit, it’s covered.

Lease Disadvantages

  • Mileage Limits: Leases have mileage limits that can cost extra if you go over it, making it more restrictive. 
  • Repairs Cost: At the end of your lease, you may be charged for any wear and tear after your lease return inspection.
  • No Modification: Leases are more restrictive, not allowing you to add accessories without approval.

Porsche Protection Plans

The optional Porsche Protection Plan gives you peace of mind, preserving the appearance of your vehicle and allowing you to simply enjoy the drive. The Porsche Protection Plan suite of optional products helps keep your Porsche vehicle looking its best and performing even better. Coverage terms and monthly payment options are available if you include a multi-coverage package or product in your financing contract. Some of the available options include:

  • Premier Tire & Wheel Protection
  • Lease-end Protection
  • Term Protection
  • Vehicle Service Protection
  • Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)
  • And more!


  • Total Ownership
  • No Mileage Restrictions
  • Ability to Sell
  • More Financing Options
  • Higher Monthly Payments
  • Higher Down Payment.
  • Higher Repair Costs
  • Vehicle Depreciation
  • Lower Payments
  • Lower Sales Tax
  • Easy to Trade-In
  • Great Coverage
  • Mileage Limits
  • Potential Repairs Cost
  • No Modification
  • Not an Asset

Your APR can be located on the first page of your contract.

  • Return: You may return your vehicle to your local Porsche dealer on or before your lease maturity date. Please note, all contractual payments will need to be satisfied upon return.
  • Purchase: If you choose to cash purchase your vehicle, you may obtain a payoff by contacting an authorized Porsche dealer.

If you purchased any optional protection products and believe you have a claim, please check with your coverage provider prior to vehicle return. Any excess wear charges from the final vehicle inspection will be reviewed to determine if lease-end coverage applies. Your final invoice will include details of the coverage benefits applied to your account.

Guaranteed Auto Protection or GAP protections is your primary insurance payout that may not cover the outstanding balance on your vehicle retail contract in the event of a total loss. Make sure you're covered with Porsche Guaranteed Auto Protection when financing your Porsche vehicle, offering protection and security for your investment.

The lease maturity date is the date your vehicle is due to be returned to an authorized Porsche dealer or purchased. Details of the lease maturity date are found in your lease agreement or extension agreement if applicable.

Yes, you will receive several communications from Porsche Financial Services. 180 days prior to your lease-end date you will receive a brochure to help inform you of your lease-end options. 90 days prior to your lease maturity date a Porsche lease-end representative will contact you to present your lease-end options. 60 days prior to your lease maturity date a Porsche lease-end representative will assist you with scheduling a pre-inspection and answer any questions you may have regarding the lease-end process.

The pre-inspection is not required but we do recommend that you take advantage of this complimentary inspection as it provides awareness of any necessary repairs that will need to be made prior to your lease end date to avoid excess wear charges. Repairs must be performed at an authorized Porsche dealer.

Any after-market modifications will need to be removed, and the vehicle will need to be returned to its original condition at the time of lease origination. Any after-market modifications left on the vehicle at return are subject to charge.

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